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Membership Classification


Membership of the Club is open only to persons above twenty one years of age holding graduate degree of an Indian University or its equivalent, of reputable character and conduct. Exceptional tennis players may be admitted as Members after waiving the condition for graduate degree.

There are twelve classes of Members, namely,

  • Life Members
  • Members
  • Associate Members
  • Senior Associate Members
  • Corporate Members
  • Honorary Members
  • Spouse Members
  • Family Members
  • Student Members
  • Morning Members
  • Service Members
  • Temporary Members
  • Classification Of Membership

    A) Tennis-playing Category
    i) Members and Life Members
    ii) Temporary Members short term membership for players on a brief sojourn in Trivandrum
    iii) Service members for defense personnel working in Trivandrum
    iv) Student Members for students with sound playing standard, evening hours only and limited to a designated court
    v) Morning Members for tennis playing public, morning hours only and limited to a designated court

    B) Non-Playing Category
    i) Associate Members and Senior associate Members
    ii) Corporate Members (with 2 nominees) - for private or public limited companies (registered under Indian Companies Act) for 25-year period
    iii) Others